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You already have enough items on your maintenance list without spending hours putting yourself at risk. Even if the snow below were to catch your fall, it can still result in serious injuries to yourself.

If you’re tired of scrapping out ice and damaging gutters and roof in the process, then allow our installation team to make your winter more relaxing. When you have the best contractors in Erie heated gutters around, you’ll never need to fear the holiday season again.

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    About Us

    Every winter, the greater Erie, PA community receives hundreds of inches of snow. Some years, it all comes crashing down in just a couple of day.

    While it’s hard enough work to maintain your grass, driveways, and sidewalks, clearing out your gutter is a chore few homeowners look forward to completing. Cleaning out leads in the warmer months is frustrating enough, but when the temperature falls, you don’t want to be outside.

    Instead, Erie Heated Gutters provides more residents throughout the area with a better system of gutters specifically for the winter months. Heated tracks take everything that you love about typical seamless systems, with the added benefit of melting snow as soon as it lands.

    Whether you worry over icicles forming on the edge of your roof, or you’re sick of spending all winter on a ladder, we can help save you more time and headaches throughout the colder seasons. Why not let your gutters do the hard work for you by calling us today to schedule your estimate?

    Why Choose Us

    Professional Heated Gutter Installers Erie PA

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    Heated Gutters Erie

    Among all the hazards facing your home every day, winter ice dams remain one of the most dangerous. Not only do recently formed icicles pose a severe health risk, but ice dams can soon cause water damage to your roof.

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    Do Heated Gutters Work?

    You can find cheap Do It Yourself kits at many hardware stores, but most people dislike the results that they see from them. Many residents claim that they only partially work, or that ice continues to form even with them in place.

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    Heated Gutter Systems

    Heated gutters rely on low-voltage wiring that gets wrapped in protective, insulating tape. Once we run it throughout your gutter tracks, it produces just enough heat that snow turns to water, where it drains away as it usually would.

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    How Does it Melt Snow?

    Installing your heated cable tape system requires precise measurements and experienced technicians. If you have these cables installed too high, ice will only form underneath.

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    Erie Heated Gutter Systems

    erie heated gutters

    Before you see another record-breaking snowy day force you to cringe about what waits for you outside, you can enjoy keeping warm indoors as your tracks handle all the hard work by themselves. If you can’t remember the last time that you could take time off during winters, we can help you reduce your daily “To Do” list the simple way.

    Why risk catching a cold or falling off a ladder when there’s a better way to keep your gutters free from ice? 
    Avoid the hassle of ice dams and snow-filled tracks and call Erie Heated Gutters today.